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all our English Teachers received International level certification.

TESOL Program

‘Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages (TESOL) in partnership with ACTESOL and Cornerstone University, USA.

May 21, 2018 to June 22, 2018

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Indo-American center for learning languages


Hindi Natural Learning Program

We are an Indo-American Education Center in New Delhi, India.

Our educational vision is to train in a way that motivates students to exert themselves whole-heartedly to learn, excel, and reach their full potential. Our trainers seek to inspire through careful, caring, and skillful instruction so that as many students as possible become competent and successful.

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International Students

Students from more 24 countries study in our center. Language plays a big part in your education and your successful career. We offer short and long-term language course for professionals and students. To know more click below.

TESOL Programs

Teaching English To Speakers  Of Other Languages

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