These Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”) governs the services (“Service”) that are made available by LIFE Education administered by Abundant Life Training Services Pvt Ltd (“myedu.asia”, “we” or “us”). These Terms and Conditions represent the whole agreement and understanding between us and the individual or entity who registers to our services (“student” or “you”).


By registering for our services, you agree to comply with all of the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement.

Part 1 : Registration, Language Level Evaluation and Confirmation

  1. You can register for our course online or by coming to our center in person.
  2. Registration and Evaluation Fee: Indian students or an expat living in India need to pay Rs.500 if they are registering for the first-time in LIFE Education courses/programs.
  3. If you register as a former student then registration is free.
  4. However former students (Indian or Foreigner) coming after 6 months gap to continue their studies, need to take the evaluation test again.
  5. International students living outside India applying for our course need to pay Rs.3000 ($50) registration fee + if applying for student visa to study with us then Rs.12000 ($200) admission fee need to paid in advance.
  6. If you are an International student applying for student visa, please read International Students Guidelines before applying.
  7. For International Student applying through online for the desired course from abroad, our student counselor will contact you within 3-5 working days. It might take maximum 10 working days for us to complete the admission process from the date of application. Our office is open from Monday to Friday (9am – 6pm).
  8. If you want to change the start of your course you must write and tell us at least 21 days before. If you don’t tell us, our cancellation policy below may apply.

Part 1A: Registration for Fountain Institute Students

  1. If you register for English through Fountain Institute then registration is free.
  2. Fountain Institute Students admission fee is Rs.12000 ($200) need to be paid when they arrive in India and along with course and book Fees.

Part 2: Cancellation and Refund

  1. You must cancel your course in writing.
  2. If you cancel your course more than 3 weeks before the start of your course, we will refund 100%  except for the registration fee.
  3. If you cancel your course between your start date and 3 weeks, we will charge 50% of admission fee or $100. The rest of the money will be refunded. If you cancel your course after it started fees will not be refunded.
  4. LIFE Education reserves the right to cancel courses without notice and will offer students a full refund or alternative course at no extra cost.
  5. LIFE Education reserves the right to cancel courses of students who do not have acceptable conduct.
  6. No refund will be given for missed classes.
  7. For International student, once Student Visa is approved, fees will only be refunded in extenuating circumstances such as death, serious illness, accident or life altering events. Reasons such as desire to go on vacation, tour India, distance from home to LIFE Education, being too busy, etc. are not valid reasons for refunds and will not be entertained. Refunds because of transfers to other institutions, colleges or universities will be given if the student clearly specifies at the time of registering at LIFE Education  his/her intention and purpose. Failure to explain planned transfers at the time of registration will forfeit the opportunity for a refund. Refunds will not be granted because of changes in plans at a later date or because a student does not like India.

Part 3: Courses time

  1. Course times are from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. The time of your course depends on your level and will be confirmed once you have done a placement test in the school or online.
  2. If your language level is not suitable for the course you have booked, we reserve the right to move you onto a different course.
  3. English courses have a maximum size of 12 (16 in peak times). Our average class number is 6-8. Natural Learning Program have maximum of 6 (8 in peak times).

Part 4: Attendance

  1. Students will only receive a certificate of completion if their attendance meets the minimum requirement of 80%.
  2. Students with attendance lower than 60% will not receive the end of course report.
  3. If a student is absent from a class without prior permission, they will be contacted by the school, and if school cannot contact the student, the school may contact the student’s host family or next of kin.
  4. International student with visa have different guidelines for attendance, please check here

Part 5: Holidays

  1. If you wish to take holiday you must inform us 2 weeks in advance in writing.
  2. Students can take a maximum of 1 week holiday in a 12 week course. Holidays can be taken only for full weeks.
  3. Students on a course which is less than 8 weeks cannot take holidays.
  4. There is no refund for national holidays. Any other Holidays and authorised absences will be given at schools discretion.

Part 6: Discipline and exclusions

  1. All students are required to behave with respect for their classmates, the school staff, and school property. Any student who fails to do so in the eyes of the teacher may be excluded from the classroom and a complaint will be filed against him or her. Any complaints made against a student by any other student, member of staff, host family, or member of the public will be investigated; and if the school decides that action is necessary, the student may be permanently excluded from the school.
  2. Any student who physically assaults, or racially or sexually harasses or abuses any other person on school premises, or any member of the student body or staff anywhere will be immediately and permanently excluded from the school.

We may terminate your registration with or without notice, for conduct that is in breach of this Agreement, for conduct that we believes is harmful to its business, or for conduct where the use of the Service is harmful to any other party.

We may, in its sole discretion, change or modify this Agreement at any time. Such changes or modifications shall be made effective for all students upon posting of the modified Agreement to this web address (URL): http://languagecourses.limping-front.flywheelsites.com/terms-and-conditions/

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